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Material Sales


The 50 Year Fence by Statite50 is the first and only fence of its kind on the market and is backed by a 50 year warranty.


Solidlock by Bekaert combines fixed knot design with high tensile, 12.5 gauge wire making it one of the strongest woven fences on the market.

High tensile fence with class 3 coating lasts longer than conventional coated fence. The fixed knot utilize solid vertical stay wires, increases vertical strength of the fence and allows for increased post spacing. Our stock of fixed knot fencing are offered in a wide variety of heights and styles that feature graduated spacing from narrow openings at the bottom which prevents small animal entry.

We also carry Field Fence, smoothwire, nonclimb, and sheep and goat wire. ZA and ZA+Paint wire products are available.

High tensile barbwire is made with class 3 galvanized coating which means you can use a smaller diameter wire while maintaining strength. The reverse twist reduces sagging, eliminates the need for pre-stretching and allows for increased spacing on posts.

We carry a wide range of galvanized pipe, lengths from 18' to 24', or posts are available cut to length and various sizes from 1/8" and up OD. Tensile strength of schedule 40 pipe is 48,000 psi, min., yield strength is 30,000 psi, min.

We carry all sizes of aluminum caps to prevent water from getting inside and causing erosion.

We carry all lengths of green t-posts and galvanized t-posts. Green t-posts are ideal in less corrosive environments. Made from high strength steel and coated in green, high gloss, lead free paint with reflective silver tops and in stock is cold dipped galvanized t-posts.

We offer a variety of pond liner styles for any size and depth of your pond. Pond liner installation supplies are available in various quantities. Pond liners protect from leaks and leaves your pond beautiful and clear.

To calculate pond liner size needed:
Pond length+ (pond depth x 2) + (overlap x 2)
Pond width + (pond depth x 2) + (overlap x 2)

A 2' overlap is recommended on all sides of each seam.

Call for a complete list of materials that Fence Masters Inc. offers.